Please note: Because Masterpiece Living language is very specific in the way in which it is used to promote successful aging, we request that you refer to the Language of Masterpiece Living document provided within this kit when writing about us. Thank you for your understanding.

Media Inquires: Please email or phone the Masterpiece Living offices at (720) 544-3228 to speak with a Masterpiece Living team member.

OUR MISSION is to inspire and cultivate individual growth, resilience and purposeful longevity. 

OUR VISION is actualized potential and sustained vitality at every stage of life.

Masterpiece Living is an organization dedicated toward providing a pathway for inspiring and cultivating individual growth, resilience, and purposeful longevity at every stage of life. Through data-focused measurements and research-backed content, our team of dedicated health and longevity experts offer communities the content and programming to provide their residents with a unique approach to holistic health and wellbeing for sustained vitality. Learn More…


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Masterpiece Living Defined*

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Centers for Successful Aging*

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Seven Questions With Dr. Gobble**

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“I’m Keeping Young at Heart.” (Testimonial)

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“I’ve Always Wanted to Tap Dance.” (Testimonial)

I Weigh What I Did In High School!” (Testimonial)

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You’re never too old to learn something new.” (Testimonial)

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How Masterpiece Living Works with Partner Organizations (Testimonial)


*About Dr. Roger Landry: Dr. Roger Landry is a preventive medicine physician who specializes in empowering older adults to take control of their own aging. He is a nationally known speaker on successful aging, and has keynoted and presented at local, state and national conferences on aging. He is the award-winning author of Live Long…Die Short: A Guide for Authentic Health and Successful Aging. As a lecturer, researcher and consultant, he has written extensively and is frequently called upon as a media expert on the topic of successful aging.

**About Dr. David Gobble: Dr. David Gobble has been recognized by the National Wellness Institute as one of the top 100 wellness experts in the world, and he serves on the national board of Wellness Councils of America, and has been a leader in promoting health and productivity of older workers and retirees. He has served on multiple academic journal editorial boards, published in several academic disciplines.


Events and Presentations – Find out more about Dr. Roger Landry’s successful aging speaking events.

Latest News – Learn more about Masterpiece Livings’ cutting edge research and findings in the world of successful aging.

Frequently Asked Questions – Get answers to Masterpiece Living’s most frequently asked questions.

Programs by Masterpiece – In addition to strategic planning, leadership resources, team member training, and coaching resources, Masterpiece Living also provides an array of programs to maintain momentum and continually highlight various elements of successful aging.

The Language of Masterpiece Living – Masterpiece Living believes that words matter. Before we speak, we ask ourselves: Do these words promote successful aging? Do these words empower and encourage others? Do these words convey strength? Do these words promote a positive culture?