Resolutions that Work

By: Dr. Roger Landry

With each New Year comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. We approach it as we do most things in our “take no prisoners” society. We resolve to make a dramatic change; we want it to happen quickly, and we want it to last. But the truth is that small steps are what lead to great, and lasting changes.

In his book One Small Step Can Change Your Life, Dr. Robert Maurer writes, “Instead of aggressively forcing yourself into a boot-camp mentality about change, give your mind permission to make the leaps on its own schedule, in its own time.”

The Japanese term for this is “Kaizen.” Kaizen is about small steps. It’s about asking ourselves small questions. “What is the first step I can take toward my resolution? What small change can I do in five minutes a day to work on my goal?” Little by little these changes become habit and a natural part of our lifestyle.