Ron Guziak has more than 40 years of experience in senior living and health care administration, specializing in providing leadership that stimulates innovation and growth for an organization. Ron Guziak spent that last eight years as CEO of Sun Health Services in Arizona. Expanding on his health care experience, community relations and his entrepreneurial spirit, Sun Health was transformed from a community hospital system to one of the most respected and successful nonprofit senior living operations in Arizona.

As Sun Health grew its senior living operations, an innovative and forward-thinking strategic plan led to the development of nationally recognized community health programs. Special services in chronic disease management and wellness coordination are now serving the 150,000 older adults that live on the west side of the greater Phoenix region. In addition, these programs have provided special benefits to the 900 residents that consider a Sun Health campus their home.

Ron’s presentations are customizable, practical and thought provoking, and are geared toward board development, strategic thinking and employee engagement using Masterpiece Living core concepts.


Ron’s Topics Include:

  • Aspirational Storytelling. Discover powerful storytelling techniques that will showcase your organization’s strengths. In this dynamic presentation, Ron shares his story, including the key influencers in his life’s work, interwoven with family and personal relationships, as a demonstration of how to make aspirational marketing work for you.
  • Strategize! Learn tools vital for developing a strategic plan and vision that will both strengthen and grow your company.
  • Realize Masterpiece. Masterpiece Living is not just for residents. This presentation provides unique training in the Board education process and is designed to energize and engage all areas of your administration, motivating team members to adopt successful aging best practices.
  • DFS on Steroids. Every organization has a “desired future state” but few use practical means to define it and then create a plan towards achievement. Work with Ron on a customized plan to build a strategy that will work. Add to that effort an annual educational process to keep strategy and innovation as part of ongoing business.