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Partner Profile

Rosewood Retirement Community is a not-for-profit Organization owned and operated by ABHOW (American Baptist Homes of the West). Established in 1974, Rosewood is a continuing care retirement community (CCRC) including independent living, assisted living, and skilled nursing care.

ABHOW, a nonprofit corporation, seeks to enhance the well-being and security of seniors through the provision of housing, health care and supportive services. They operate more than 40 communities and serve more than 5,000 residents, including 11 CCRCs, in California, Arizona, Nevada and Washington.

Goals for Partnership

Multi-site organizations often find that systematizing programs and offerings throughout diverse geographic locations and service lines to be a challenge. With this challenge in mind, ABHOW`s purpose in partnering with Masterpiece Living (MPL) was to establish a systematic and measurable approach to wellness programming that allowed for each community to express its unique interests and characteristics.

As each ABHOW community had varying strengths, Rosewood`s specific goal through its Masterpiece Living partnership was three fold. With a well-established activities program, Rosewood wanted to adopt an empowerment model that included more engaging programming, the addition of fitness programming, and the integration of the successful aging philosophy and culture into every level of care.


  • Resident Champions. From the beginning, Rosewood made a concerted effort to include the resident council in all aspects of partnership with Masterpiece Living to create buy-in. The resident council members are now the community`s biggest supporters and champions of successful aging.
  • Vested Team. Through educating their leadership team who then served as examples of the MPL philosophy, the entire team within the community developed a vested interest in successful aging.
  • Increased Engagement. Dramatic increase in resident-led programs and overall participation.
  • Strengthened Referrals. A recent move-in cited Masterpiece Living as their primary referral source. They wanted to age in a community of opportunity and growth.