What is Masterpiece Living?

A Partnership.

Masterpiece Living partners with organizations to maximize the potential of older adults. By aligning itself with visionary organizations who want to remain leaders in their respective markets, Masterpiece Living is creating destinations of successful aging.

A strategic approach to successful aging.

Research-based and rigorously tested, Masterpiece Living will focus your organization on the priorities of healthy aging, creating new benchmarks that measure the improvement of individuals and the successful aging environment as a whole.

Much more than a program, Masterpiece Living is a culture.

Completely customized to your organization`s need, Masterpiece Living continually engages leadership, staff, sales and marketing, and older adults in the strategic effort, inspiring growth for all individuals.



Why Partner With Masterpiece Living?

The research on aging shows how we age is mostly dependent on lifestyle, the choices the individual makes, and this knowledge has created a new older adult. Both motivated and empowered by this widespread knowledge, the new older adult tenaciously seeks resources, services, and living environments which enhance growth and promote independence. Recent AARP and International Council on Active Aging surveys confirm the emergence of the new older adult. Masterpiece Living, as the direct descendant of the research on aging, is focused like a laser on these new aspirations of growth and potential. Our partnership ensures your organization will be attractive to the informed older adult and will continually engage your current population.

Who Partners With Masterpiece Living?

Senior living and active adult communities, senior centers, cities and healthcare organizations are among the leaders and innovators who partner with Masterpiece Living.