brittany calvertAfter earning her Bachelor`s Degree in Psychology, Brittany shifted her focus to wellness because she recognized the vital connection of all dimensions of our lives on overall wellbeing. While completing her Master`s Degree in Wellness Management from Ball State University, Brittany completed an internship in a grant-funded wellness program for employees at a nonprofit organization. Her post- graduate work has centered on corporate wellness where she worked as a certified personal trainer and client manager, helping to design programming targeted to empower employees to take control of their health.Brittany is thrilled to bring her passion for wellness to the field of healthy aging at Masterpiece Living.  As a member of the Partnership Specialist team, she recognizes the importance of building a culture within a community which empowers residents and staff to embrace a healthier lifestyle and continue to learn and grow. Brittany`s successful aging pursuits include running, cooking for family and friends, and exploring the great outdoors of Colorado.

Brittany`s Topics Include:

  • Resilience: The Art and Science of Bouncing Back. Are we born with it, or can resilience be learned? Learn the key ingredients to live resiliently, what the research tells us about resiliency, and hear powerful and inspirational stories of resilience from across the Masterpiece Living Network.
  • Successful Aging: From Work to Home. Explore how the concepts established in the MacArthur Foundation Research on Aging can have a profound impact on the lives of team members. What does it look like to age successfully while raising a family or going to school? See how small, yet powerful choices, can impact you in your work and at home.
  • Redefining Senior Moments. An exploration of what the term “senior moment” is and what it could be, this presentation tackles ageism head on and inspires new thinking about aging in our society.
  • From Wellness Programs to Centers for Successful Aging. Every senior living community boasts a wellness program. Differentiate your community by becoming a center for successful aging.
  • Creating a Culture of Growth and Potential
  • Wellness Beyond Walls: Marketing a Successful Aging Culture
  • The Power of Language