Christa BitnerChrista holds a Master`s degree in Nutrition & Clinical Health Psychology from Bastyr University in Kenmore, WA. She is passionate about supporting individuals in the process of setting and achieving personal health goals. Through her experience at community health clinics, Christa has worked with a diverse population of individuals to implement health behavior change through nutrition counseling and mental health counseling, as well as facilitating psychoeducational groups and fitness classes. Her varied background reflects her personal mission to provide individuals and communities with tools and resources for creating environments that inspires wellness, authenticity, and vitality.

As Operations Specialist, Christa combines her skills and education to promote whole-person wellness through Masterpiece Living. She is excited to support partner organizations in integrating Masterpiece Living, improve individual lives, and shift the experience of aging for the broader community. Her successful aging pursuits include aerial arts, yoga, cooking, dancing, making art with friends, and playing outside as often as possible!

Christa`s Topics Include:

  • Resilience: The Art and Science of Bouncing Back. Are we born with it, or can resilience be learned? Learn the key ingredients to live resiliently, what the research tells us about resiliency, and hear powerful and inspirational stories of resilience from across the Masterpiece Living Network.
  • Your Body On Stress. Stress and worry impacts every major system in the body. Luckily, research demonstrates that we have the ability to choose our stress response and retrain our body to respond healthfully to the challenges in life. Learn how chronic stress impacts health and how to increase stress resilience through lifestyle choices.
  • Nutrition Through the Ages. Nutrition is a key ingredient to successful aging. Beyond choosing nutritious foods, we will explore the social and spiritual connections to food as well. Presumably, eating is something you do every day, multiple times a day, making it an optimal entry point to creating small changes that can add up to big health impacts.
  • Redefining Senior Moments. An exploration of what the term “senior moment” is and what it could be, this presentation tackles ageism head on and inspires new thinking about aging in our society.
  • From Wellness Programs to Centers for Successful Aging. Every senior living community boasts a wellness program. Differentiate your community by becoming a center for successful aging.
  • Creating a Culture of Growth and Potential
  • Wellness Beyond Walls: Marketing a Successful Aging Culture
  • The Power of Language