David GobbleDavid Gobble, PhD, has worked in the health promotion and wellness field for over thirty-five years as an educator, administrator, direct service provider, and consultant. He is renowned as one of the top 100 wellness experts in the world and is Professor Emeritus of the nationally recognized Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology and Director Emeritus of the Masterpiece Academy. As a specialist in wellness across the lifespan, his expertise lies in maximizing potential late in life. His unique insight has motivated thousands of individuals to live a fuller, healthier life.


Dr. Gobble`s Topics Include:

  • The Silver Tsunami. We are living through one of the great transitions in history of the US. Just as an earthquake causes a Tsunami, the aging of the US baby boom is threatening to overwhelm our traditional approaches to aging. This presentation examines how Masterpiece Living`s philosophy of successful aging can be an important part of our personal, organizational and societal response to this challenging transition.
  • Maximizing Brain Function in Late Life. This dynamic presentation focuses on both the physical foundation of brain health, and the research on computer training and other brain challenging activities.
  • Social Connections Across the Lifespan: Linking up for Health and Wellness. The consequences of social connections on health are severely misunderstood, and undervalued. We are reflections of our connections, internally and externally. Our mental and physical well-being are indicators of how we are succeeding in our efforts to make and keep meaningful connections. As we age we face many challenges, and one of the key indicators of successful aging is the number and quality of our connections. This presentation highlights the research on connections and health across the lifespan.  It`s never too late, or too early, to invest in this critical health and wellness promoting lifestyle.
  • Human Capital, Creativity, and this Journey We Call Life
  • All You Have is 100% of the Rest of Your Life
  • Taking Control of the Rest of Your Life: How to Change Health Behaviors
  • Eating For A Long Life
  • Flourishing in Late Life: Keys to Successful Aging
  • It`s Never Too Late for Successful Aging
  • Living Fully to 100 or More
  • Reducing Your Risk for Alzheimer`s and Dementia
  • The Power of Relationships to Influence Successful Aging