Neal MillerNeal Miller holds a Master of Arts degree in Wellness Management and Applied Gerontology from the Fisher Institute for Wellness and Gerontology at Ball State University. While completing his graduate work, Neal held an assistantship with the university`s center on aging and worked directly with low-income older adults in the community. During his time at Ball State, Neal worked on several research projects which he presented at local, regional and national conferences.

Prior to joining the Masterpiece Living team, Neal directed a project of a federally funded nonprofit organization that engaged older adult volunteers in service to their community. Neal`s role at Masterpiece Living is working directly with partners to enrich successful aging efforts. He is also a member of the Masterpiece Living Analytics Team that works with partner data-running analyses, generating reports and looking at patterns within the aging field. His personal successful aging pursuits include outdoor recreational sports, staying connected with lifelong friends and family and Huey Lewis.


Neal`s Topics Include:

  • Resilience: The Art and Science of Bouncing Back. Are we born with it, or can resilience be learned? Learn the key ingredients to live resiliently, what the research tells us about resiliency, and hear powerful and inspirational stories of resilience from across the Masterpiece Living Network.
  • Hospitality and Successful Aging: Friend or Foe. Are hospitality and successful aging antagonistic, or can they coexist? This presentation explores these two popular trends in senior living, where they intersect, contradict and complement one another.
  • Paths to Successful Aging:  Shattering Expectations. Our society believes that aging is synonymous with disability, disease and decline. Or is it? Our perceptions on aging often shape our expectations and influence our behaviors. Learn what the science says is possible about our aging process and what factors play a role in how well we age. You`ll leave this presentation feeling uplifted by what the research says and with a greater understanding of how you can increase your odds of living a long life functioning at your highest potential.
  • Redefining Senior Moments. An exploration of what the term “senior moment” is and what it could be, this presentation tackles ageism head on and inspires new thinking about aging in our society.
  • From Wellness Programs to Centers for Successful Aging. Every senior living community boasts a wellness program. Differentiate your community by becoming a center for successful aging.
  • Creating a Culture of Growth and Potential
  • Wellness Beyond Walls: Marketing a Successful Aging Culture
  • The Power of Language