Teresa BeshwateA Master of Public Health with experience in the fitness, acute care and older adult industries, Teresa has a passion for helping older adults engage in lifestyles of active, successful aging. A certified personal fitness trainer and lifestyle and weight management coach, Teresa formerly owned and operated an older adult-oriented personal training studio. As an outcomes analyst in the acute care industry, she was responsible for data analysis, outcomes reporting and quality improvement initiatives. A health and fitness newspaper columnist, speaker, author of several articles, Teresa has particular interest in data analysis and sharing best practices.

As Director of Operations at Masterpiece Living, Teresa serves as the main point of contact for primarily west coast partners, is a member of the Masterpiece Analytics Team and is responsible for Masterpiece Living`s first ever partnership with Affordable Senior Housing communities. This rewarding role allows her the opportunity to collaborate with talented professionals to inspire lifestyles of successful aging and ultimately help to make our country a better place to age. Teresa`s own successful aging pursuits include learning to speak Portuguese, playing racquetball and spending time in the mountains.

Teresa`s Topics Include:

  • Resilience: The Art and Science of Bouncing Back. Are we born with it, or can resilience be learned? Learn the key ingredients to live resiliently, what the research tells us about resiliency, and hear powerful and inspirational stories of resilience from across the Masterpiece Living Network.
  • Fit Friends: how friendships impact health. What kind of friend are you? Your friends directly impact your health –for better or worse. This presentation shares the surprising research on this topic and provides tips to creating healthy friendships.
  • The Audacity of Growth: successful aging for all. Growth is possible, no matter what impairments may exist and regardless of where a person resides. This presentation shares inspirational stories of growth and challenges stereotypes about aging and “decline.”
  • Redefining Senior Moments. An exploration of what the term “senior moment” is and what it could be, this presentation tackles ageism head on and inspires new thinking about aging in our society.
  • From Wellness Programs to Centers for Successful Aging. Every senior living community boasts a wellness program. Differentiate your community by becoming a center for successful aging.
  • Pulse, Purpose and the Power of Perceptions. Discover how our perceptions of aging are strong predictors of our future, why ageism matters, and how ikigai can save us all. This moving and motivational presentation is a mix of recent research and personal stories that will inspire new thinking about the aging journey.
  • Creating a Culture of Growth and Potential
  • Wellness Beyond Walls: Marketing a Successful Aging Culture
  • The Power of Language
  • You Will Be What You Think: The Self-fulfilling Prophecies Related to Successful Aging
  • Successful Aging Hot Topics: Ageism, Ikigai and How Thoughts Shape the Future
  • The Final Frontier, Ageism, Ableism and Why They Matter