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Masterpiece Living Recognizes Acacia Creek for Their Dedication to GEMS Leadership Coaching

Masterpiece Living (MPL) recognizes Acacia Creek Retirement Community for becoming the first MPL partner and Center for Successful Aging (CSA) to have their entire leadership team trained in GEMS coaching. GEMS (Growth, Empowerment, Meaning, Support) coach training is a Masterpiece Living healthy longevity coaching style based on a philosophy of support. A supportive culture uses coaching language and concepts that encourage residents and team members to recognize […]

Building a Culture of Successful Aging

By: Penny Vittoria (Successful Aging Coach, Acacia Creek) When you walk through Acacia Creek Retirement Community, it feels different from other communities. One visitor remarked, “I think my mom would live longer if she moved here.” What she felt is what most people feel at Acacia Creek, an aliveness that comes from people who are engaged in what they love […]

Masterpiece Living Through the Eyes of One Acacia Creek Resident

Recently, Wilma Grice, an Acacia Creek resident, wrote an article defining Masterpiece Living, and what it means to those at her community. Here, she illustrates the four components of successful aging, explains the meaning of gerotranscendence, and describes how positive thinking and a healthy lifestyle can make a difference… ACACIA CREEK AND MASTERPIECE LIVING Acacia Creek is partnered with Masterpiece Living, LLC. We […]