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Resolutions that Work

By: Dr. Roger Landry With each New Year comes the dreaded New Year’s Resolution. We approach it as we do most things in our “take no prisoners” society. We resolve to make a dramatic change; we want it to happen quickly, and we want it to last. But the truth is that small steps are what lead to great, and […]

Enhancing Brain Health: Don’t Stress About It!

“Merry Stressmas!” It should come as no surprise to learn that the holiday season (November through December) is often considered the sixth most stressful life event. Of people surveyed in a national study, 65% admitted to being anxious during the holidays, and 45% would rather skip it altogether. What can we do when the “most wonderful time of the year” […]

Finding True Holiday Cheer

“After a big year with a crazy schedule that kept me on a first name basis with TSA people in many airports throughout the country, my wife, Paula, and I left our progressively colder Massachusetts home early in December for a week to just BE in the Virgin Islands. What we found here was more than sunshine, beaches, coral, and […]