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Why Am I Doing This Again? (Why Meditation is Important During Covid-19)

By: Danielle Palli  We are all feeling the effects of Covid-19, in varying ways and to varying degrees. And when working remotely (or not working at all), caring for family members, homeschooling children, checking in on the health of loved ones, trying to remain healthy and safe ourselves, upending our outdoor activities and social calendar, all while managing stress, loneliness, […]

Alternate Nostril Breathing for Relaxation

This breathwork can help calm mind and body, which may reduce anxiety and help you to manage stressors in your life. It promotes focus and overall wellbeing. Click the video below for a brief lesson in Alternate Nostril Breathing with MPL team member, Danielle Palli. Alternate Nostril Breathing from Masterpiece Living on Vimeo.  

Ocean Breath Meditation (with Variation)

By: Danielle Palli Ocean Breathing, or Ujjayi breathing, as it is referred to in yoga, is an extremely helpful technique, regardless of whether or not you do yoga. And, it can be added to many meditations for enhanced relaxation, deeper breathing, and a calmer mind. In this audio meditation, I’m going to walk you through an exercise to introduce Ocean […]

Three-Part Breathing Meditation (with a Twist)

By: Danielle Palli When I first began meditating many years ago, I remember feeling frustrated when a teacher would tell me to “notice your breath,” “focus on your breath” or “control your breathing.” These phrases are not always intuitive to people. And, even when they mentally make sense, not everyone has an easy time using their breath as their point […]

Moving Through Emotions

Many of us are feeling a myriad of emotions right now, including grief, loss, sadness, anger, fear, anxiety and frustration. We may not have even identified what and how we are feeling because our circumstances are dramatically different from what we are used to. For that reason, we’d like to share a brief meditation from MPL team member, Danielle Palli. […]

Love in a Time of Contention

(The Paradox of Practicing Kindness Toward People You Don’t Like Very Much) By: Danielle Palli Life is full of contradictions. We can accept circumstances but still advocate for change. We can be a masterpiece as we are and still a work in progress. To take care of others, we must first practice self-care. And, practicing kindness – even for people we don’t […]