Mike Sweeney
Community Wellness Partners

  “Our partnership with Masterpiece Living has
been a game changer. Strategically it gives us a competitive advantage in the senior living market because now we can ‘prove’ that where you live matters.  MPL resources and tools allow team members, residents and families to improve
their health in the four components of
successful aging, and ultimately improve their
quality of life.  Community Wellness Partners
is committed to being part of the successful
aging movement”.

     Resident, age 91
  “Masterpiece Living enables residents
to live daily to the utmost of their potential 
by providing resources to
make it possible to achieve measurable goals.”



  “Masterpiece Living defines the
many ways life can be meaningful
and satisfying to the fullest extent
of our abilities.”

  “It was the motivation of Masterpiece Living that got me started and keeps
me going.”