“80% of our residents participated in our last survey. 90% said that Masterpiece Living is the number one highest rated aspect of living at Rosewood and one of the reasons they were most satisfied with life at Rosewood.”

Ellen Renner, Executive Director

“Every community claims to have health and wellness. We wanted a living, breathing culture to break through the clutter of the market.”

Stovall Kendrick, Executive VP, Somerby Senior Living

“It has always been the vision of SQLC to provide our residents with the most enriched lifestyle they could possibly find. With its emphasis on social engagement, physical health, intellectual stimulation, and spiritual fulfillment, Masterpiece Living offers the perfect complement to that vision.  Our communities are already the best in class in their market areas, and Masterpiece Living distinguishes them that much more. To be the first communities in the State of Texas to make this approach to healthy aging available is a real hallmark for SQLC.”

Charles B. Brewer, president and CEO, Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation

“We believe that Masterpiece Living played a key role in revitalizing The Renaissance through its focus on successful aging. We have seen a great return on our investment in Masterpiece Living and have happier and healthier residents as well.”

Deb Hiller, President & CEO, Eliza Jennings

“We have been pleased with the outcomes our residents have experienced. We found the following outcomes from residents who had participated all three years (2009, 2010, and 2011) that with the exception of alcohol use which was under reported, all lifestyle and medical/clinical risk factors decreased! That is a terrific accomplishment! Our residents are healthier and more important have taken control of their health and aging. Some are learning to dance, and others are taking college courses for the first time in their life. It is wonderful to see the residents learn and have fun!”

Mina Breuker, COO, Holland Home

“Masterpiece Living enables residents to live daily to the utmost of their potential by providing resources to make it possible to achieve measurable goals.”

Rose, Age 91, Resident

Flower Garden

“Masterpiece Living defines the many ways life can be meaningful and satisfying to the fullest extent of our abilities.”

Betty, Resident


“It was the motivation of Masterpiece Living that got me started and keeps me going.”

Jean, Resident on weight loss of 20 pounds and improved health

Hula Hoop

“Once again I can perform a double pirouette!”

Joan, Resident on how her fierce determination and a strong social network helped her survive a stroke.

UV Yoga Outside

“I walk a few miles daily with my wife, but I was surprised when I did the Mobility Booster and discovered that I couldn`t balance on one leg for more than four seconds. I`ve since signed up for balance class and my balance is beginning to improve.”

Paul, Resident
wii fit

“I never realized how much I allowed myself to give up by moving to assisted living. My Masterpiece feedback report showed me there was still plenty of opportunities to keep myself physically, intellectually and socially active.”

Edee, Age 98, Assisted Living Resident