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Partner Profile

The Buckingham is a not-for-profit organization owned and operated by Senior Quality Lifestyles Corporation (SQLC). The Buckingham, located in Houston Texas, opened its doors in 2005 and is the second most established SQLC community. SQLC offers premier senior living which includes Independent Living (IL), Assisted Living (AL) and Skilled Nursing. The Buckingham community has won numerous awards including Sales and Marketing awards as well as Salute to Seniors Awards.

Charles Brewer, president of SQLC stated, “It has always been the vision of SQLC to provide residents with the most enriched lifestyle that they could possibly find. With its emphasis on social engagement, physical health, intellectual stimulation and spiritual fulfillment, Masterpiece Living offers the perfect complement to that vision. Our communities are already the best in class in their market areas, and Masterpiece Living distinguishes them that much more. To be the first communities in the state of Texas to make this approach to healthy aging available is a real hallmark for SQLC.”

Goals for Partnership

The Buckingham serves hundreds of residents and as a whole the SQLC communities serve thousands. With this partnership they were looking to Masterpiece Living to bring additional wellness into the daily lives of both residents and employees of each community, and to quantify and measure growth over time in the physical, social spiritual and intellectual realms.


  • Decreased Falls. Residents having one or more falls decreased from 37% to 28%. The average cost of one fall is estimated to be $19,440.
  • Fewer ER Visits. Resident emergency room (ER) visits of two or more dropped from 4% to 2%, with an average savings of $2000.
  • Increased Participation. In 2012 only 13% of men in the community were participating in physical activities. This became a focus for the community and by using MPL reviews and meeting one-on-one, they were able to increase participation to 41% in 2013.
  • Better Nutrition. Fruit and vegetable consumption of the recommended 5+ servings daily increased by 9%.
  • Enhanced Well-Being. In addition to resident wellness, there have also been positive well- being outcomes in the form of support groups, counseling sessions and an increase in volunteerism.
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