Three-Part Breathing Meditation (with a Twist)

By: Danielle Palli
When I first began meditating many years ago, I remember feeling frustrated when a teacher would tell me to “notice your breath,” “focus on your breath” or “control your breathing.” These phrases are not always intuitive to people. And, even when they mentally make sense, not everyone has an easy time using their breath as their point of focus.

Today, I’m going to take you through a three-part breathing meditation with a few subtle modifications. The purpose of this meditation today is two-fold. First, this meditation is for stress reduction, relaxation and to decrease anxiety. And second, this meditation will offer some creative tools for being able to focus on our breath. And it also explores the possibility that some people may prefer to focus on something else – such as the rise and fall of their chest as they breathe or their hand on their belly. Because not everyone prefers to meditate in the exact same way, we’re beginning to look at different options so that you can modify a practice to fit you.

Before we begin, you will notice that I reference Ocean Breathing, or Ujjayi Breathing as it is known in yoga. If you are familiar with this practice, you are welcome to incorporate it today. If you are not familiar with it, just breathe normally. We will work on Ocean Breathing another time. Also, if you feel dizzy or have trouble breathing, be sure to stop immediately and allow your breathing to return to normal.

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