Throwback Thursday at Westminster Village Allentown

Westminster Village (a Masterpiece Living partner) kicked it back a few decades with its very own version of  #TBT (Throwback Thursday). Team members and residents from all levels of living came together to share photographs, precious keepsakes, and items from their past to reminisce and share their experiences with one another. One resident brought an angel that she made forty years ago from the Bethlehem Garden Club. Another resident, a retired chemist, displayed one of her many patents. A team member even brought in her wedding dress.

The location of Westminster Village has a rich history as well. The site was once Central Park, an amusement park dating back to the late 1800s and was open until 1951. Some of the residents remember it being open when they were kids and rode on the carousel. Pictures of Central Park were posted around the room. “Throwback” snacks were featured such as Cracker Jack with the old fashioned advertisements. With the help of Abel Communications, WFMZ news even did a story on the event that aired on the evening news.

What a great example of social connectedness and sharing stories of meaning and purpose.