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About Masterpiece

Masterpiece (formerly Masterpiece Living) was established in 1999 with the goal to research and change the perception on “health, change and aging.” Founded as a result of the MacArthur Foundation’s study and the findings of “Successful Aging,” the 1998 book by Robert Kahn and John W. Rowe, MD, Larry Landry, Chairman of the Masterpiece Board of Directors, and Dr. Roger Landry, President & Chief Content Office of Masterpiece as well as author of “Live Long, Die Short: A Guide to Authentic Health and Successful Aging” were on a mission to change the path for the older adult. Masterpiece was developed with a mission to inspire and cultivate individual growth, resilience and purposeful longevity. Through Masterpiece’s six Areas of Focus we help the older adult achieve and maximize their true potential for health longevity, one that is based on research-backed content and lifestyle-focused measurements. As a wellness and lifestyle leader, we support what truly matters to our partners – the wellbeing, growth and vitality of the older adult. We champion a holistic approach to healthy longevity, driven by research and confirmed by results. Our robust data and analysis prove that a high level of health, functionality, and life satisfaction is possible for all and at every stage of life.

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Driven By Purpose

We provide our partners with solutions to impact their results and strategic goals:

  1. A personalized pathway to healthy longevity for the older adult
  2. Higher-level data and measurements for decision making
  3. A differentiator to complement your lifestyle experience