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With many options to choose from, prospective residents are looking for amenities that encompass the entire individual and provide more than just activities for the older adult. By partnering with Masterpiece, your community will have a unique offering for residents that goes beyond activities - a holistic 360-degree approach providing the wellness content and tools so residents can continue to grow and stay active in their day-to-day activities.

Masterpiece understands that healthy longevity comes from many areas of life – physical, social, fulfillment, intellectual, movement and personal attributes. Masterpiece can complement your lifestyle experience and help rewrite the rules of aging. Be the place where older adults flourish to live longer, healthier and more purposeful lives.

What Partners
Are Saying

“From a marketing standpoint, looking at the data, assessing that data, and understanding where we are helps us break that down for the individual to set goals and develop a strategic plan for residents to support their growth in all areas of healthy longevity,”


“Our leadership team is fully committed to supporting every team member, resident, and volunteer, as we enrich our culture of [healthy longevity] in partnership with Masterpiece. We are a catalyst for all people living well, regardless of age and consistency in care is critical for each resident.”


"In knowing Masterpiece, I brought the idea of a partnership to the team, and we felt it could only make us better in terms of serving our residents and providing a higher quality of life."


Personalized Content

Masterpiece creates and curates content, providing our partners a robust library of resources to support your lifestyle experience to encourage growth and healthy longevity. We analyze millions of lifestyle markers to direct a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with research and is supported by experts. Content is categorized around six areas of focus and examples include worksheets, articles, and in video and audio formats around all aspects of healthy longevity.

Lifestyle Profile

Lifestyle is more than your activities calendar: it’s a 360 degree look across all the components of lifestyle wellness. Masterpiece’s Lifestyle Profile is a resident-driven online process that creates a snapshot of lifestyle markers to guide a personalized content journey that is responsive to 6 lifestyle categories. When a resident takes our Lifestyle Profile, indexed content will populate their dashboard providing each with the path to improve their health and longevity in each area of focus, unique to their needs to benefit them the most.

As experts in longevity, Masterpiece uses research to create and curate content and continuously measure impact through our Lifestyle Profile. Examples of content and measurements in each area of focus include:

Physical Activity: Fueling the body, aerobic activity and strength training, tobacco and alcohol use, sleep
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Peace & Fulfillment: Life satisfaction, purpose and laughter, pursuits that bring peace, stress and meditation
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Intellectual Vitality: Recalls new learnings, uses skills, learns new skills, tries new events that challenge the brain
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Personal Attributes: Boredom and stress, goal setting, worry and feeling down, loneliness, mindset
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Social Engagement: Giving and receiving support, frequency of social interactions, intergenerational relationships, new social connections
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Movement & Motion: Aerobic endurance, upper and lower body strength, static and dynamic balance, upper and lower body flexibility
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Measurement Tools

Data outcomes must be readily available to ensure that you deliver on your community’s lifestyle promises and stand out amongst your competitors. Each individual will receive their personal path to healthy longevity, while your community receives real-time aggregate data for critical decision making for lifestyle programs, resident impact, sales and marketing.

Community Programs and Campaigns

Community Programs provide turnkey educational content where residents participate in-person or virtually and experience an in-depth exploration of healthy longevity. Ideal to both small and large audiences, Masterpiece Programs are designed to educate and inspire individuals to take small steps towards healthy longevity.

Campaigns increase engagement and are designed to encourage residents to focus on a specific healthy habit. With content that is introductory, it allows each resident the opportunity to participate and maximize change through action. Each campaign is intergenerational and inclusive to everyone connected to the community – from residents to families, to the community at large – Powered by Masterpiece, campaigns create a unique opportunity for Supported Autonomy.

Older Adults Feel The Benefits
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Of older adults said the lifestyle is positively impacting overall health and wellbeing


Of older adults said the lifestyle of health and wellbeing was a key reason for selecting their community or program