Lives Well Lived: A Talk with Award-Winning Filmmaker Sky Bergman

This time last year, Dr. Roger & Friends: The Bright Side of Longevity spoke with filmmaker, producer, writer, and visual artist, Sky Bergman about her award-winning documentary, Lives Well Lived, and her award-winning short film, Mochitsuki

Turns out, she’s had a busy year! Lives Well Lived is now being aired on PBS and streamed across the globe. 

Lives Well Lived, celebrates the incredible wit and wisdom of adults 75 to 100 years old who are living their lives to the fullest. Encompassing over 3000 years of experience, forty people share their secrets and insights to living a meaningful life. In this Bright Side discussion, Sky shares what she’s learned from our elders, and how her films are bringing generations together in profound ways.

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