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  • “Prejudice fuels Ageism – or any ‘ism’. It’s not about how you look. It’s about how people in power assign meaning to how we look,” author and activist Ashton Applewhite said during her We’re All Aging! Let’s End Ageism keynote at Masterpiece Living’s 10th Annual Lyceum. “Ageism is the last acceptable ‘ism’.” As with all prejudice, it […]

  • “It’s all about executive functioning,” shared Dr. Rob Winningham, Director of the Masterpiece Academy and full professor at Western Oregon University, during a presentation on dual-tasking. Executive functioning is all about attention, inhibition, reasoning, problem solving, planning and memory. And, according to research, it can be improved through physical exercise. Dr. Winningham’s co-presenter, Board Certified […]

  • This Chair Rocks author and activist, Ashton Applewhite, is convinced that everyone is ageist (even though everyone is aging). Growing Bolder’s Marc Middleton wants to rebrand aging and deprogram the world from the insidious cult of youth. Hockey Hall of Famer, Jack O’Callahan, believes that perseverance and a good attitude are what brought the Miracle […]

  • What is your organization’s data story? What are your brand promises, and can you prove them? Those who are a part of the Masterpiece Living Network are part of a powerful group that mind what they measure. CLICK HERE to learn more.

  • Did you know that volunteers experience better overall health, more energy, and greater life satisfaction? In 2017 alone, residents living in the Masterpiece Living Network gave an estimated total of 587,000 hours of time, talent and experience to worthy causes. National Volunteer Week starts April 15 – the perfect time to jump in and lend a […]