Growth should never stop.

Small lifestyle changes can have a huge impact on longevity.

Assisted Living Partners See the Benefit

Decades of research show that it is never too late to grow. Masterpiece provides Assisted Living partners with research-based content, including programs and campaigns, to engage residents cognitively and physically. The Masterpiece experience proves that growth is possible in the right environment, extending the Assisted Living stay and decreasing movement to other levels.
Our resources and tools guide the individual to personalized content according to their preferences and needs. Aggregate data generated by these tools is essential for leadership decision making and tracking of community outcomes. Masterpiece ensures that your wellness offering remains dynamic and relevant to each individual.

Increase Health and Wellbeing

Resident-friendly, research-based lifestyle programs have documented success in increasing cognitive engagement and physical functionality, decreasing fall risks, emergency room visits, and stress-related disorders.

Always Thriving

We deliver highly personalized support and a proven process for achieving healthy longevity at every stage of life. Residents on a pathway to lifestyle growth stay at their current level of care longer through our health and wellness interventions.