Stand out as the place to thrive.

Support resident's personalized path to healthy longevity.

Benefits for Independent Living Partners

With many options to choose from, prospective residents are looking beyond amenities for an Independent Living community that offers something exceptional. By partnering with Masterpiece, your community will have a unique offering to help you stand apart: a comprehensive lifestyle approach backed by years of expertise and continually refreshed based on data and the latest research.
Masterpiece's Lifestyle Profile provides the basis for the personalized, curated content delivered directly to each resident. 84% of residents at Masterpiece partner communities tell us that the lifestyle of health & wellbeing was a key reason for move-in. 87% of residents report that their community's unique Masterpiece lifestyle is positively impacting their overall health and wellbeing. These percentages demonstrate that Masterpiece makes a clear impact on communities and residents alike.


Lifestyle is more than your activities calendar: it’s a 360 degree look across all the components of lifestyle wellness. Our comprehensive process supports residents in achieving their desired goals and continued lifestyle growth. It ensures that your wellness resources are relevant, credible, personalized, and attractive.

Measurement Tools

Data outcomes must be readily available to ensure that you deliver on brand promises and stand out in the marketplace. Masterpiece provides highly usable data for decision making, sales and marketing, and feedback to residents.

Content & Resources

We have millions of lifestyle data points that constitute a continuously growing treasury for guiding processes, content development, and best practices that support healthy longevity. Our partnership also includes access to our extensive research and multidimensional content inventory that is well-organized and easy to use.