Keep Moving! It’s Good for Your Body and Your Brain

by Danielle Palli David Griffith is a self-described farm boy from Ohio who graduated from Ohio State. He went on to teach agriculture, while also serving in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) – a commitment that led to a four-year stay in Japan. Conversely, Charlie Davis was a city boy born in Washington, DC who worked as a columnist […]

Want a Better Brain Workout? Try These iPad Apps

by Dr. Rob Winningham We have all heard about the evidence that the more we exercise our brains, the less likely we are to have problems with memory and cognition as we get older. It has been challenging for many people to find access to good cognitive exercise in the past. But now, anyone who has access to an iPad […]

Enhancing Brain Health: Don’t Stress About It

by: Dr. Rob Winningham While a small amount of stress can actually make us pay attention, motivate us to take care of things, and maybe even help us make new memories, a lot of stress can have a negative impact on memory and our health.  In the short term, being too stressed about something can cause us to not pay […]