Keep Moving! It’s Good for Your Body and Your Brain

by Danielle Palli David Griffith is a self-described farm boy from Ohio who graduated from Ohio State. He went on to teach agriculture, while also serving in the Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) – a commitment that led to a four-year stay in Japan. Conversely, Charlie Davis was a city boy born in Washington, DC who worked as a columnist […]

Learn a New iPad App During Living It

During the month of February, the Masterpiece Living network is  immersed in Living It – a four-week initiative to inspire and challenge participants and team members to try new pursuits in the four components of successful aging (social, intellectual, physical and spiritual). Focusing on one component a week, participants are encouraged to try four new programs or activities each week. […]

Want a Better Brain Workout? Try These iPad Apps

by Dr. Rob Winningham We have all heard about the evidence that the more we exercise our brains, the less likely we are to have problems with memory and cognition as we get older. It has been challenging for many people to find access to good cognitive exercise in the past. But now, anyone who has access to an iPad […]

Seize the Day!

by Dr. Roger Landry Today is the youngest you are ever going to be. Why not make the most of it and seize the day? When I give presentations, I strongly recommend that my audience members do something to scare themselves a little every day. It doesn’t have to be something as grand as bungee jumping or parachuting. It must, […]