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Successful Aging for All

By: Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH The mission of Masterpiece Living is no small task: to change the experience and perception of aging. Our vision is a society in which aging means growth, engagement, vitality and purpose. We believe that all people should be able to age successfully, no matter where they live. In late 2011, Masterpiece Living was fortunate to […]

How Where You Live Affects the Way You Age

Five Ways to Know if Your Community is Successful Aging-Friendly…  By: Dr. Roger Landry Over the last couple of decades, we’ve learned that lifestyle is the heavy hitter when it comes to how we age. Does where you live support your aging-friendly lifestyle? Does it encourage and allow you to be more active? Does is foster the development of strong social connections, […]

The Pride and Passion of Aging

We`re not cheese. Or wine. As they age they just stay in one place and let time and bacteria do all the work. Maybe passively accepting decline or whatever else time brings was how our grandparents approached their aging, but we’ve learned too much about what it takes to age in a better way to be a bystander. I agree […]