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Successful Aging Begins Now

Ryan Knisely Shares How MPL Has Changed His Life in Some Pretty Remarkable Ways   “You realize how valuable Masterpiece Living is when it begins popping up in everyday conversation,” Ryan Knisely, Independent Living Sales Director at Quincy Village (a MPL partner and Presbyterian Senior Living community) told us. “I can be out socializing with friends after work and – […]

A Letter From Lynda About What It Means to Grow, Achieve, Invent and Celebrate Life

“I have never heard anyone at Quincy Village say ‘no’ when it comes to the personal growth of an individual … I am allowed to recreate myself, to nurture my interests, to discover new lifestyles … to grow, achieve, learn, share, educate, create, invent and enjoy.” Lynda Kuckenbrod, a resident of Quincy Village (a Masterpiece Living Partner), submitted this beautiful letter […]

Quincy Village Garden

Residents at Quincy Village, a Masterpiece Living partner community, engage their minds, bodies and spirits as they tend their community garden. Community gardening provides physical exercise, social interaction, intellectual stimulation, as well as connection with nature. It`s not just about the food (although fresh fruits and vegetables are a delicious and healthy reward)! READ MORE