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The Impact of Widowhood: Teresa Beshwate Featured in ICAA’s Journal on Active Aging

Social support is key to healing for widowed individuals. You can help by better understanding the potential impacts of losing a life partner and committing to strategies that support these men and women over the long term. Teresa Beshwate has a Masters in Public health and is a certified professional life coach and Masterpiece Living’s Director of Content and Program Development. […]

Forgiveness: An Inside Job

By: Roger Landry and Teresa Beshwate We are surrounded by examples of forgiveness, including the remarkable story of Nelson Mandela, imprisoned for 26 years for fighting apartheid, who forgave those who took away his freedom, and so moved the country, that he was elected President of South Africa not long after his release. And then as President, he resisted all suggestions […]

Conflicts and Core Beliefs During Covid

By: Dr. Roger Landry, Teresa Beshwate, and Danielle Palli We all have core beliefs, most of which were defined and shaped at a young age: how we view ourselves, others and the world around us. We have biases about what’s good and bad, safe and unsafe, who to trust and who to distrust. And we constantly seek out evidence to […]

Abundance or Scarcity: Which Will You Choose?

By: Dr. Roger Landry, Teresa Beshwate, and Danielle Palli  There’s an old Cherokee proverb you might have heard about. A grandfather tells his grandson that within each person, there is a battle between two wolves. One wolf is negative and filled with anger, envy, sorrow, regret, greed, arrogance, self-pity, resentment, guilt, inferiority, and ego. The other is positive and filled […]

Challenges That Change Us

By: Teresa Beshwate The Covid-19 pandemic has prompted a steady stream of negative emotions, impacting nearly every person on the planet. Yet we know that life is not without difficulty and a host of big, difficult emotions – emotions our primitive brains want to protect us from feeling. Looking back, what challenges have helped you evolve into who you are […]

You: The Boss of Your Brain

By: Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH Due to the covid-19 pandemic, many people have experienced several weeks without change in day-to-day life. Yet soon, parts of the country will begin to reopen, with each state taking a different approach. Naturally, our brains want to rush to judgement, deeming the situation as right or wrong. This is a sign of the brain […]

Anger, Covid-Style

By: Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH Whether you’re quarantined alone or with others, it’s likely that you may be experiencing anger during these unprecedented times. Anger at what you’ve lost, whether loved ones, a cancelled wedding or graduation, physical contact with friends and family, a normal routine or simply the ability to go where you want, when you want. Anger is […]

Grief, Covid-Style

By: Teresa Amaral Beshwate, MPH Not long ago, Covid-19 was not in our vernacular, yet today it dominates life around the globe. Covid has brought significant losses. In some cases, the loss of a loved one, and for many, the loss of employment, senior year in high school, the freedom to gather, a normal schedule, physical contact, free time, weddings, graduations […]