The Age of Supported Autonomy

The Age of Supported Autonomy is here!.

More and more, older adults want to chart their own course to healthy longevity.  Eschewing a one-size-fits-all approach, the emerging cohort of older adults is looking for a best-in-class support system in their quest for a lifestyle that will help them be as healthy and functional as possible They seek a personalized, data-rich, research-based, tech-enabled environment to support their efforts.

A rich holistic lifestyle, with regular movement, continued learning, strong social connections and meaningful purpose, is the major determinant of how we will age. Yet even with the explosion of available self-help content and technology, many older adults still have difficulty crafting a strategy toward their goals, and seek something more personalized and with proven success.

Senior living communities can deliver on that demand by offering a state-of-the-art process of lifestyle growth that provides each resident the opportunity to navigate his or her own course with confidence that everything necessary to be successful is readily available.

That is: supported autonomy.

This article describes the characteristics of such a process and makes recommendations for evolving current wellness and successful aging practices into a more effective model.