Get Your Daily M&M’s

Movement is essential to navigating our world with independence and resilience. Physical activity affects our entire body and physiology, including our circulation, metabolism, and even immunity. Both body and mind benefit from regular movement, including exercise and daily activity. When attended to, physical mobility offers a pathway to reach our full potential in all areas of our lives.

You may be surprised that most age-related declines in physical ability are avoidable. Some, in fact, are preventable and even reversible. These impairments, though attributed to age, are often the result of reduced daily movement and a lack of attention to the critical physical abilities needed to continue growing to a healthy longevity.

The Movement and Motion area of focus targets our strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility. It provides eight easy-to-use videos which allow us to evaluate and then enhance four essential areas for maintaining our physical mobility: Aerobic Endurance, Upper and Lower Body Strength, Static and Dynamic Balance, and Upper and Lower Body Flexibility. Not only do these videos inform us, but they offer a private and readily available opportunity to discover where we are with regard to these four critical areas, and to track our progress in improving them.

As one of the six Areas of Focus, Movement and Mobility is a practical and easy way to enhance physical ability and prevent disease, impairment, and injury while we continue to grow and experience healthy longevity.