Supporting Individual Paths to Healthy Longevity

The new older adult wishes to continue to grow and seeks their unique pathway to healthy longevity. No longer content with the one-size-fits-all to wellness and vitality, this breed is aware of the importance of lifestyle on the road to a healthier self at any age. They seek an environment that will provide care when needed but are keenly interested in a supported autonomy milieu: one where the community provides resources and other support to the individual, who in turn chooses the support they need in their personal journey to a healthy longevity.  

Masterpiece provides such resources to partner community residents and team members. These include a Lifestyle Profile, dashboard, content in six areas of focus matched to the individual, and community-wide group lifestyle enrichment programming. Team member training ensures the growth-focused culture of the community. All this contributes to a 360-degree, personalized content journey to healthy longevity. 

The road to resilience and healthy longevity must be highly personal, with each individual deciding what areas of focus to enrich and which resources can best achieve that enrichment. However, this autonomy requires support, allowing each to evaluate and track progress in building a holistic lifestyle conducive to high quality and functionality for as long as possible. Effective support also provides the content journey needed and an environment of growth to actualize the potential within each individual. 

In reality, we are all unique, but we are also social creatures who cannot achieve our full potential without the support of others.