Senior Housing News

Getting Past I'm Not Ready yet

We've all heard it at some time. If you're in any area of senior living you've heard it from an otherwise perfect prospect for moving into your community. The words "I'm not ready yet" are both a disappointment and frustration you can get past.

Senior Housing News

Voices with Dr. Roger Landry

Senior Housing News sits down with thought leader and Masterpiece President Dr. Roger Landry to learn more about their goal of healthy longevity for all and how the industry can improve their sales and marketing messaging.

Senior Housing News

Building Resilience with Supported Autonomy

The Age of Supported Autonomy is upon us. Older adults want to chart their own course to healthy longevity. To do so, they seek a personalized, research-based, tech-enabled environment to support their efforts.


In Their Shoes

Aging well requires attention to not only the physical aspects of our lives, but also the intellectual, emotional, social and the ever-important sense of meaning and purpose.


The Tao of Lifestyle Growth Part 4: Engagement

Engagement makes people feel they are valued and appreciated. The term “mattering” means the shared need for all human beings to feel important and valuable and is as an essential aspect of wellbeing.

McKnight’s Senior Living

Daily Briefing: The Age of Supported Autonomy

Older adults want to chart their course to healthy longevity. Today’s older adults are looking for a best-in-class support system in their quest for a lifestyle that will help them be as healthy as possible.