Team Member Development

Masterpiece recognizes finding meaning and purpose in work, having opportunities for professional development, and working within an environment that promotes and supports one’s personal wellbeing are all top reasons employees join and stay with an employer. Our team member development is designed to support the organization in these goals.

An essential component of providing a 360-degree environment that promotes healthy longevity is the understanding team members have of their vital role in supporting residents in the active, holistic lifestyle choices they wish to make.

Despite robust research which validates the lifelong potential for growth, we still tend to be a society with low expectations of older adulthood. Team members, often meaning well, may believe the best way to help older adults is to provide comfort, care and entertainment. While not wrong, these limited views and beliefs can accidentally result in a paternalistic culture that discourages growth and unexpectedly facilitates decline and dependence.

Masterpiece’s team member training raises awareness about ageism and one’s own perceptions of aging and addresses how these beliefs influence thoughts and actions toward older adults. The training provides information, discussion, tips, and actions to promote a culture of growth and independence. It also prompts a question each team member can ask themselves when interacting with older adults – “Is what I’m doing supporting decline and dependence, or it is supporting growth and independence?” 

Team member development is designed to increase awareness of the numerous possibilities for physical, intellectual, and social growth for all, and the powerful effect meaning and purpose have at any age, regardless of challenges one faces. In addition to responding with awareness and actions that support the growth of older adults, team members are encouraged to use this knowledge to tap into their own potential for growth and healthy longevity.

Training focused on holding meaningful conversations to support resident engagement in healthy lifestyle pursuits is offered to team members through Masterpiece’s plan. This valuable and positive professional skill set can also extend to communication with peers in the workplace, family members at home, and contacts in the public community.

Benefits of Team Member Development Powered by Masterpiece:

Learn anywhere, anytime: Training is designed to be mobile-friendly and delivered in multiple micro-sessions no longer than five minutes. Each session stands alone and provides a pivotal piece to support holistic wellbeing. 

Team-member driven: Continuous education provides tangible tips to support and encourage taking small steps toward healthy longevity that can be applied daily. The team member chooses the area of focus that will benefit and motivate them the most at the moment they seek it.

Meaningful communication skills: Investing in professional development and skillsets that can enhance the organization and be applied in any position or career.

Encouraging leaders and team players: Training promotes that every team member is a leader in creating and upholding an environment that embraces healthy longevity. Each can serve in a role greater than their daily tasks to make a difference.  All can be role models by finding a way contribute that reflects their own passion and supports the vision and mission of the community.