Help residents thrive in every stage of life.

Be the place where older adults flourish. Deliver on brand promises for vitality, growth, and healthy longevity.

Life Plan Partners see the benefit

Prospective residents have many options, and while your competitors are still selling amenities and “care when you need it,” your community has the opportunity to stand out as the Life Plan community that has it all: the hospitable culture and engaging lifestyle element they are looking for, but with a unique focus on wellbeing, vitality and longevity. By partnering with Masterpiece, your residents will benefit from a lifestyle approach based in research, informed by experience, and led by top experts in aging.
The Masterpiece Lifestyle Profile provides the foundation for personalized, curated content delivered directly to residents. With 84% of residents saying that the lifestyle of health and wellbeing was a key reason for move-in, Masterpiece boosts occupancy and drives overall health and wellbeing.


By combining your team's expertise and ours, we create a unique environment of growth that honors potential and leads to vitality and healthy longevity for your residents and associates.

Content & Engagement

Over 5 million data points constitute a robust treasury for guiding lifestyle growth process creation, content development, and proof when guiding individuals towards healthy longevity.
The other treasury we bring to our partnership is our vast content inventory, research, and experience. Our content is highly organized and customized for the user. Our unique, researched Process for Healthy Longevity guides the user through this oasis of practical, focused, multidimensional content.

Consistent Lifestyle Experience

It’s clear that the new older adult wants to grow and thrive as they age, and they’re looking for a community lifestyle that offers the right support. Masterpiece’s proprietary Lifestyle Profile lays the foundation for a personalized lifestyle experience unique to each resident. Considering Physical Health, Intellectual Vitality, Peace & Fulfillment, Social Engagement, and individual Personal Traits, each resident celebrates strengths and identifies areas for growth. The engaging, curated content aims to increase overall health and vitality and help each resident thrive at every stage of life.