Measuring lifestyle, traits, and personal attributes of whole-person wellness.

Measurement that drive action-oriented learning and engagement.

Lifestyle Summary

The proprietary Lifestyle Profile measures holistic lifestyle traits and personal attributes, including mindset and "Movement & Motion." Our Profile is the first step for engaging in a personalized journey of lifestyle growth, resulting in a better aging experience.

Lifestyle Wellness

How you are

Residents assess and understand the physical, intellectual, social and peace and fulfillment components of their current lifestyle.

Personal Attributes

Who you are

Residents understand how they experience emotion, their sense of control, and their perception of the future.

Movement & Motion

Fall Risk Analysis

Awareness of the risk of falls, providing content to inform regarding by building strength, flexibility, and better balance and endurance.

A Proven Process

Get outcomes that help residents evolve at their own pace.

Your residents complete the Lifestyle Profile


Lifestyle Profile provides residents with relevant content designed to inform and encourage growth where and when they want it.
Lifestyle Summary
Personalized Content


Individual and aggregate data results provide community-wide visibility allowing for targeted decision-making.
Data & Reports
Goals & Planning